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Our clinic was created to make your smile beautiful, healthy and snow-white. We offer a wide range of dental treatment and dental restoration services. We have gathered only qualified specialists with extensive experience in the dental field. We will help you with any problem!
Primary remote diagnostics
Primary remote diagnostics
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The sequence of work


Initial consultation
We will contact you within 10 minutes after you submit your application. Then you can come to our clinic for a free consultation.


Dental treatment
After the dentist’s examination, you will be assigned treatment on a specific date and time. We employ qualified specialists.


Issuing a guarantee
After the treatment, we will definitely issue you a warranty card, and if something happens, we will restore your teeth for free.
Get a free checkup from dentist
You will be able to get an examination from leading specialists.
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A wide range of services

Dentist consultation
Dental implants
from $1450
Teeth whitening
from $970
Tooth Extractions
from $590
Crowns & Bridges
from $1060
Root canals
from $1280
from $2500
Cosmetic Dentistry
from $1130
special offer

20% off Whitening and restoration of teeth

$ 240


Advantages of our clinics

Professionalità e tecnologia

I dentisti Blanc sono tutti professionisti di esperienza selezionati per le competenze, la serietà e l’attenzione dimostrata nei confronti dei pazienti. Un team affiatato a cui Blanc garantisce il top delle attrezzature presenti sul mercato.

Massima trasparenza

Con un listino prezzi chiaro e sempre in evidenza che permette al paziente di confrontare i costi di ogni singolo trattamento, potendo usufruire inoltre di finanziamenti e agevolazioni esclusive.

Large network of clinics

We have a large network of clinics throughout the USA and Canada. All clinics employ highly qualified specialists and use professional equipment.
11,5 k

Cured patients' teeth


Types of services

Durable materials

We use only high-quality materials for dental fillings, dentures, crowns, implants and veneers. You can be sure of the result! We advise you for free!

High-quality tools

Our dentists use professional tools and equipment in their arsenal to work as efficiently and accurately as possible. Feel free to contact us!
10 yrs.

Minimum experience

92 %

Recommend clinic

Our employees

Our leading dentists

We have gathered only qualified specialists with extensive experience in the dental field. We will help you with any problem!
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Submit your application right now, and get a discount on teeth whitening from our dentists. We will do everything efficiently and quickly!
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Mon-Sat 8:00 - 9:00
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